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This way is open

      I doubt you will ever read this.
(I have forged a weapon in your name)


I used to wake up in the morning and my flesh would begin to scream.

I used to rip bleeding chunks out of existence, to find my ghost and wash it clean.

I found you embedded in beating hearts, I watched you pierce through fever and light.

I ran to you so you could run me through.

Wound me.
Pray, give me sight




Once over and again, I steep a potion if proportion through my veins.

I bleed it out for the page. I mark the time and track my age.

Clouded reign

You condemn me to hell

Why do I feel so cold?

The mask creeps over your face, the light in your eyes contorts.

You say my path is death

Is this why you haunt me?

I won’t bow to your god

As dim as it is,
I emit my own light

Dreams can’t cut your heart out

Dreams can't cut your heart out

I bleed

Gripped by a fever that never wanes

I purge its venom

Pencil to page

I exist to express

I bleed intention

All creation compressed

Into sharpened invention

I want you to witness

Before I have gone

For my brief existence

I created worlds where there were none

Gouge me