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waste of a prelude

I asked her what she wanted
She said
Belonging was the prize
Instead of this desolation
Another set of eyes

I held my hand to my heart
And stifled all his screams
How can I trust him?
I tell me to shove it

I don’t have those kind of dreams


My feelings are herbivores

In the summer we would meet sometimes


Play body lego
Amazing how the pieces always seem to fit.

It was never love
We didn’t care

I loved the way we clicked.

As for my heart

What I want, what I crave like the heart of a fiend, is serenity of mind and soundness of being

What I need is to emerge from the surface of self, see life’s true form, unearth my wealth

What my heart desires
Is gentle excavation.
A mile to run.
Warm reciprocation.

All over

I won’t ask the sky for love anymore

She sends it wrapped in ticking explosives

And I hang on while the apocalypse counts down

Brace for impact,
But I never suffice

The sun sets to the spectacle of me scrubbing blast marks from my bones

All over me,
Wrapped in shrapnel skin