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I need everyone to leave
But you can stay
Strip the flesh from my torture

Make me new

Make me pay


I burn your postcards

I’ve lost you to death
So many times over.
Grief sits in my hand like dust
So unlike the blade
That used to pierce my heart

Don’t you return,
You might find me the same

All over

I won’t ask the sky for love anymore

She sends it wrapped in ticking explosives

And I hang on while the apocalypse counts down

Brace for impact,
But I never suffice

The sun sets to the spectacle of me scrubbing blast marks from my bones

All over me,
Wrapped in shrapnel skin

last dance at the crystal ball

I see the end of the end
A horizon boiling with grief
And Steeped in tears

Its coming for me

I know I can’t avoid
I put my hands over my ears
And scream
Until the world drops away

I try to imagine
The relentless heartache
I try to synthesise
It’s exquisite pain

I’m saddened by sadness
I have yet to endure
I hold on to your memory
Even though you’re still here.

I miss poetry

I pray the morning brings you levity
Fresh new skin
Beneath the scab

I’ve fought back dread
For the sake of this vigil
To watch you sleep
And appease my treacherous heart.

I miss poetry
The ease of verse
Naïve supposition
Innocence and hope