My feelings are herbivores

In the summer we would meet sometimes


Play body lego
Amazing how the pieces always seem to fit.

It was never love
We didn’t care

I loved the way we clicked.


im sorry for your blood loss

I’m having problems differentiating the things I imagine from actual events.
I don’t know who I can trust.
I have violent urges every time I handle a blade.
I wake up thrice a night in a blind panic
Are they here to get me?
Is there blood on my hands?
It feels like there’s a hand-blender inside my mind.
And someone keeps pushing ‘froth’
If I confess these things, they might seal me away.

In a cage of the best intentions

But would the ground beneath my feet
Stop slipping away?

silent shell

Clouded reign

You condemn me to hell

Why do I feel so cold?

The mask creeps over your face, the light in your eyes contorts.

You say my path is death

Is this why you haunt me?

I won’t bow to your god

As dim as it is,
I emit my own light

holding pattern

I won’t come to your arms

Maintain a distance of their length
I can’t move from where I stand

You can’t come to where I am

This place I built inside me
Won’t stop splitting at the seams

I hear the buzzing of all its violence
I feel it gnawing at my dreams

I guard the only exit
I bar the only way

I fill the space with nothing
Push you out
Into the day

Lost meniscus

I can’t think straight

from hunger and need and distress

Things get distorted beneath the surface

Is anything worth this?

I need to catch my breath, but my lungs are flooded

my daughter needs new shoes, I could use a sandwich

Under the weight of the ocean

Weird outbursts of emotion

I’ve forgotten the shore

I dredge the coral

For a way out,

any door


Bean ether