Monthly Archives: July 2013

Bean ether


Get that hurt off your shoulder

She picked out a spot for me
I heard her ask me to stay

Something inhuman remained in that place

My heart and soul flew away

I burn your postcards

I’ve lost you to death
So many times over.
Grief sits in my hand like dust
So unlike the blade
That used to pierce my heart

Don’t you return,
You might find me the same

imaginary enemies and friends

I use a filthy rag on your bloodied face
Somewhere amidst your murmurs
I hear you complain;

My soul wasn’t caught in the battle
He twisted his ankle by the stream
So he limped in the wake of this war
Devouring the wounded

The sights

Bury me

I don’t deserve a break

but I’m broken down

to within an inch of my resolve.

I see my desperation in disgust

My despair in dismay

I just want out,  I beg for reprieve

Just one day of peace

Just one moment of serene

But the salivating mess that crouches on my mind

knows no mercy

gives no quarter

bury me

in the fucking dirt

hide me

from life