Monthly Archives: May 2013

I can’t tell you everything

We holiday in the lofty heights of sanity sometimes…

We take lots of pictures, but no-one’s ever around.



The way life used to hurt.
The way every nuance of sensation was white-hot to the touch.
being a living, perpetual explosion

I cradle the memory in my arms,
Singing softly to the past.

Because now, it all evades me.
I’m reclined in a crook of the wavelength
Grasping at the belly of meaning.

I’d curse this numbness, if only I could remember the words.
I used to wish the pain away
Now I wish it hurt.

Don’t deny me any further

This won’t do
Not even a scratch to the surface
Barely a whisper into an utterance
This won’t do
Dig deeper
I say
Find more


I let it grasp at my heart
Shadows heavy enough to crush a man
They haunt my wake

A race to the horizon
I still my terror
And flee to the light

I steel myself against destruction
And dream of you tonight