Monthly Archives: December 2012


I used to stare at your picture

Now, unbidden, pinpoints of sensation ripple across me

My body remembers in waves

My spirit, trapped in the night that danced across your eyes


Red nineteen

The thing that had worn the flesh of a wolf
Crawls towards me
Corrupting the ground where it moves
I see the face of my fear.
My breath is spirited away

I rip out my heart,
Inverted in defiance.
I pay the expense of my defense.

We both fall

And rise again


We sat in a park and giggled at your insecurities


I felt her forearm warmly restraining, against my neck, when I savagely tried to attack the sky.


She ate all my cookies while I tried to find her a t-shirt to sleep in


She just stared at me as I wept.


You can’t have your soul back, I can’t find my own


Resting in the vacancy at the centre of my chest


She puts her lips to my fevers


I keep my cool