Monthly Archives: October 2012

Dusk to Dust

I don’t find the solace I desire
With the setting of the sun

The ceiling stares back at me
Blankly impassive
Vaguely menacing

When sleep comes
Like an unexpected kiss

I break its bones with my embrace
I leave a curse on its lips


Applied physics

We change state

With brazen abrubtness
Erupting hot vapour
Condenses to freeze-frames
Of moments we cherish

We can’t break
We endure
They won’t perish

Despite our composure
We bleed out a longing
Failing to contain
Our insides within

We strain through the mesh
Hold life in check
Perpetuate this sin

We want freedom
And glory
And quiet

We need serenity
And wisdom


last dance at the crystal ball

I see the end of the end
A horizon boiling with grief
And Steeped in tears

Its coming for me

I know I can’t avoid
I put my hands over my ears
And scream
Until the world drops away

I try to imagine
The relentless heartache
I try to synthesise
It’s exquisite pain

I’m saddened by sadness
I have yet to endure
I hold on to your memory
Even though you’re still here.


Holofernes, drunk on wine, hubris and lust

Judith claimed his head, his life, his trust

But Judith lives no more

for the sake of politics

biblical saviours must have scrotums

or else, it doesn’t fit


This is cowardice

I scramble for cover

Every breath is a strangled whimper

short, sharp and afraid.

This sick feeling

claws at my hiding place

behind me, a precipice

I’m tempted to fall

My numbed digits grasp at the hilt

of a vapour sabre

My weapon of mania


dead in my hands




I conjure up imaginings and images

goosebumps on your forearm

moisture on your lips

Snapshots of moments captured in the ether

tinted with the bitterness of unanswered invocation

In spite of everything

I want to will you to me

divide your atoms

watch you implode

and witness

sweet destruction

Kode rage