Monthly Archives: September 2012

Alabaster hate god of the living death

I made diamonds from my agony

With heat and vile suppression


Forsaking my soul for stoicism

And now, a price for my bisection


This unbidden dei

Like razors in my head


Every time that I seethe

He takes another breath


Chunks of me erode

And in place, his form is left


Alabaster hate god

Of my living death



Revolver – 02/08/2011

At the waterline, I came here like a spirit,

mixed in with and indistinguishable from the fog. I came to find you so we could drown the doubt in your heart.

But you said “better the devil you know, than a god who can’t hear you crying”

I stare at the water How many of god’s tears already fill our oceans

Sorrow for our folly.

If you ask me my name, maybe I’ll remember, you changed me from a willing friend
To a bullet in a revolver.






A moth bludgeons its life

Against the muted glow of a sodium lamp

In the cascading dust from its wings

A million worlds

In swirling eddies

I’m lost in nano-scopic cataclysms

This is sleight-of-hand

On an atomic scale

Mild hallucinations

As I lean on the fifth dimension

And waltz slowly with the ether

I romance the detail in the devil

Intangible footfalls

Ethereal music

Me & 89

Me & 89

The motions

The motions

What a muse meant

I was mired in a reflecting pool

Forcing epiphanies to the surface

Watching them gasp

Without malice


They wouldn’t galvanize

In their composition

They emerged paralyzed

Bled of all consecration

How long did I wait for you here?

Nursing  pneumonic abstraction?

How did you make my blood run clear?

I can sense my spirit’s new inflection.

All the thoughts of my spectrum

Focused through this prism

What more could a Muse Mean?

When they speak to you, for you.


light touch

Death follows like a drag racer

I reach out and the reaper uses his light touch

We lay waste.

What is this hold I have over myself?

I know the cause…

I summoned my rage, cold and dead

jerking around in its hole