Monthly Archives: August 2012

Mea culpa

My apology ricochets off your impassive face.

Whatever civility was left between us is struck down

An innocent bystander in the heat of this conflict.

Your towering beast of rage blocks out the sun.

I’m too tired to fight back, I kneel by the victim, his pulse keeps fading

With every chunk of flesh
You exact your vengance.


The forge

Look away

Morning crashes down on me

I extract the sun from my ribcage

shed yesterday’s rotting corpse

I am reborn

I am terror

I am pure

look away


My shadow flinches whenever we make eye-contact.

He doesn’t want to hear about my dreams anymore

He staggers, a wounded beast

people enquire about the blood-trail

In a world without light

he becomes obsolete

He can’t relate

I might as well be

Talking to myself.



I bleed

Gripped by a fever that never wanes

I purge its venom

Pencil to page

I exist to express

I bleed intention

All creation compressed

Into sharpened invention

I want you to witness

Before I have gone

For my brief existence

I created worlds where there were none

Gouge me

Soul flourish